From version 1.9.0, the Trosnoth Server includes support for managing Murmur. Murmur is the server of the Open Source VoIP software Mumble. When Murmur support is activated, the Trosnoth server will connect to Mumble using Ice. Every time a new game starts, the server will automatically move Mumble users into channels with their team mates, based on their Mumble usernames matching their Trosnoth usernames / nicks.

To get Murmur support working, you will need to install the zeroc-ice Python module. You can then browse to /admin/ on the Trosnoth server's web interface to configure it. Edit the "Trosnoth server settings" object. You can configure the following values:

  • IceEnabled - tick this to enable Murmur support
  • IceHost - the host to use for connecting to the Murmur server using Ice
  • IcePort - the port to use
  • IceProxyStringOverride - leave this blank to let Trosnoth connect to the given host and port over TCP using its default settings. If provided, this must be a valid Ice proxy string.
  • IceSecret - for Trosnoth Murmur support to work, it needs read/write access to the server. This typically means editing /etc/mumble-server/mumble-server.ini or equivalent and providing a value for the icesecretwrite config variable. You must give Trosnoth this secret here.