If you're helping develop Trosnoth, you'll be wanting to start Trosnoth games quickly with specific settings. Trosnoth has some command line options that help with this.

For a full list of options, run trosnoth --help. Here are a few of the options:

  • -s or --solo – will run a solo (practice) game
  • -D or --delay – can be used to simulate a network time delay
  • --trosball – runs a Trosball game
  • -t or --test – gives everyone plenty of stars all the time, and makes upgrades cost only 1 star
  • -b or --testblock – tries to use the given map block as much as possible in a solo game. Useful for testing new map blocks.
  • -a or --aicount – controls how many AIs to include in a solo game
  • -w and -H – control the size of the map for a solo game
  • -A or --aiclass – controls which AI class to use (available classes can be listed with --list-ais)
  • -p or --profile – profiles all calls and outputs the result to trosnoth.log in a format that can be read by kcachegrind.